Frequently Asked Questions

Ben Williams

Who is Ben?

Born in Sydney and living in Mosman with his wife, Ben has been shooting full-time since 2010 and specialises in advertising, marketing, events and portrait photography

What equipment is used?

Equipment is regularly updated to keep it at the top of the line in the fast changing world of technology. Different jobs require different equipment but at the moment he prefers shooting with Canon camera equipment.

For lighting, a variety of portable studio lights for still photography and continuous lighting for video. Depending on specific requirements for different jobs, different lighting setups can be used and each lighting technique gives a different mood to the photograph or video which will be discussed before the project.

Which areas do you cover?

Ben is based in Sydney but regularly travels interstate to shoot projects

Do you offer a consultation before a shoot?

Yes, it’s recommended that you have a quick chat with Ben either over the phone or via email to discuss what style of photos you’re after for your project. He can make recommendations on things like the mood of the photos, lighting, colours and help prepare you for the shoot.

Are you photos backed up?

Yes, all shoots have duplicate backups in multiple locations

What rights do I have with your photos?

Photos are provided with unrestricted use which means there aren’t any restrictions on where you can use them and how long you can use them for.

Do you offer a portable setup

Yes. One of the most requested services is portraits on location at an office or workplace. For this, a portable lighting setup is used with a white/grey/black backdrop to create a studio style photo. This takes about 15 mins to unpack and will be set up before your shooting time.

Are you insured?

Yes, Ben Williams Photography is insured with public liability insurance

How do I book?

The best way to enquire about Ben Williams Photography is to send an email to or call 0407211613 so details and requirements for the project can then be discussed.